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Adventures in teaching 
about Hispanic culture and history

Dear Spanish Teacher:

¡Haz que tu clase de español

sea el punto de partida!

My name is Fernanda Becker, 
and I'll help you navigate the challenge of teaching Spanish culture and history in a fun and meaningful way!


 As Spanish teachers, we know our mission is to help students communicate in Spanish,  as well as grow in understanding and appreciation of Spanish speaking cultures.

It is easy and fun to study about Spanish cultural products and practices,

but it is often more challenging to keep our students interested in the historical and cultural perspectives of Spain and Latin American countries. 

My passion is to help students be amazed by our historical heritage: 

Nuestro patrimonio histórico y cultural hispanoamericano.

If you dream on going on this journey with your students,
you will not go alone.

¡Zarpemos! is here to give you resources along the way.
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I am a dedicated world languages teacher with more than 15 years of experience in teaching Spanish Language and Cultures, designing engaging courses of intermediate proficiency level, dual credit courses, and Spanish for Heritage Learners. Within and beyond the classroom, I aim to be a servant leader to advance initiatives in areas such as:

  • Outreach and translation services for the Hispanic community;

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion,

  • Multicultural appreciation and understanding,

  • World languages and multilingualism advocacy.

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